City’s Thick with Blades Growing


The green turf spreads widely,
marred only by car tire imprints

You of enlarged gasoline heart,
motor pulleys pushing RPMs red

Your face a soap bubble bulging
without its usual rainbow beauty

Will push on so, forever clipping
down the green earth bristles

They grow, and spread, so even
your biggest, sharpest blades fail

Failing without caretaker concern,
without your true self inside caring

It is the self-deceiving pro-pusher
who succeeds the most often now

Never fully eyeing or admitting your shock-
waves; vibrations of fallout pushing too

This self-imposed ignorance of the lives
destroyed, as each shoot falls behind you

It will allow focus and freedom from
the ugly hindering distractions of empathy

Defer now, head tucked down low,
to the lawnmower’s forward momentum

It will lead you home over those
you crush.


14 thoughts on “City’s Thick with Blades Growing

  1. Very Nice Poetry with an amazing Imagination. I’d pay good USD to own this poem printed on thin sheets of pressed wood. Highly low! I exclaim your greatness as a Master Poet!

    It was indeed enjoyable after reading this one, Captain.

    Yours in times of trouble…

    !!! Happy !!!


  2. I feel the strength in your delivery. Word by word, it cuts down the city and carves out the powerful yet despicable image.
    How true it rings for (most) city lives. Keep the inspiration going!


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