Maude’s Vending Machine

On long wooden porch
under waning electric torch
in this upright mechanical box
marked Happy Meat Treats
five empty slots gape
among eleven occupied ones
in Maude’s vending machine.

Dried, pickled, salted, and boiled
chicken, beef, goat, and lamb.
Drop-slot the coinage,
slip slip slip
clunk clunk clunk,
push back the chute cover,
it’s scuffed see-through plastic,
like your pineal eye, failing.

Take hold of the tasty byproduct
our subservient lifeforms, failing.
Not true life, just its decaying
outward form. Serving us
our own slow ugly death
in plastic wrap, succeeding.


9 thoughts on “Maude’s Vending Machine

  1. This one made me weep.
    I revel in the deteriorating feeling it left me with… absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for another gem!

    Do they really have meat in vending machines somewhere… I mean, other than beef jerky?


    • Thanks, Aynsley. I saw some pretty interesting and strange items in vending machines in Japan. One had packaged duck. You could also get a date from the slots of some — I never did that, of course. Um. 🙂


      • Woah… Maybe I should move to Japan. Or Great Britain. If the contents of a nation’s vending machines say anything, it’s a statement of the country they are in.


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