Hedgehogs pop
like flower buds caught
in fast-mo,
dangerously alive,
when Earth and Sky
feed back lightning.

Any wonder worms ripped
below their clitellum
regenerate tail segments
and live to multiple?

It’s the truth of expansion,
like blood torn into streams
as it explodes through the
gaps in a victim’s broken teeth.

Does blood in its pump
stop dead in its tracks
when the bullet strikes?
It gushes into the light.
It pools in local gravity wells
around the body of its ex-host.

Even an internal organ, called on,
exits to expand its reach,
feeling sterile air,
feeling polypropylene gloves, briefly.

It merges with a new abdominal cavity,
fully aware of its out of body experience,
and the proliferative nature
of this life.


14 thoughts on “Expansion

  1. Really enjoyed this write. Learned a new word tonight too “clitellum” love when that happens. A great mix of philosophy and clinical discussion. Fantastic poetry my friend. Hope you are well ~ Rose


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