In Love with Springs

Tim Tim the butcher,
a man who knows flesh and bone,
builds from lonely despair
a base plaything to fill his empty.

Tucked between pub and laundrette,
Tim Tim’s meat shop is empty
as the Vegan Uprising flares.

His sales fall to zero;
his stock rots on the vine;
his lady butcher clears out
with a sly vendor of the
non-dairy frozen yogurt.

There is little left now for TT,
but his tools and invention.

So he slices the metal
like juiceless roast beef
into shapely curves;
twisting useless skewers
into high-tension springs;
and inserting meat injectors
for sensual body cavities.

TT is learning to speak Machine,
learning to love bloodless flesh
with new caresses and kisses;
all slick and hard, not smooth;
all tingly and dense, not wet.

TT adds voice to plaything’s throat,
thin spinning copper disks
perforated with simple song patterns:

I ting ting ting
You love the Springs
I ting ting too
I love the you

I ting ting tong
You love my song
I ting ting ting
Please love my Springs.


17 thoughts on “In Love with Springs

  1. An unusual tale. Very good imagery and word choice, creating a very clear picture of this man. Leaves one wondering what will happen to him. Also, it’s quite a transformation for man who used to work with flesh and bone, to one who works with hard cold metal and springs.


  2. This is creepy, but delicious (on second thought, not sure I want to use that adjective… we’ll go with… spectacular!)
    You could (and totally should) make this into a short film!
    I am in LOVE with this poem! Kind of reminds me of some Robert Service stuff…
    Especially reminds me that not all poetry is rainbows and unicorns all the time, eh?
    Truly inspiring and thought provoking.
    Damn good, bloody good, damn good job!


    • Damn … this is a wonderful comment, Aynsley! Truly appreciate your thoughts and feed back. The short film idea is good. I’m passing it around to some local Portland filmmaker friends. I’ll let you know what comes of it. Thank you for reading me. Next poem could be In Love with Metal Rainbow Unicorns. 🙂


  3. So creative, great write! The layer of dark is left with a whimsy that really hits the mind in the read. Great word flow and the song he sings was a fantastic end. ~ Rose


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  5. This brought to mind the Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre Jenaut film Delicatessen so it tickled me to see commentators mentioning a short film. Disturbing and interesting.


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