Scream and Sing the Chorus Again


cool salt bath for hot head.

warm drink for cold skin.

exits a body via pores;

the other,
via disorderly abrasions;

re-enter via pan-dimensional hoops,

sliding along air-cushioned
blacktop pavement slopes
parallel to concrete curbs.

It’s caveman on, and
slam off.

It’s caveman on, and
slam off.

It’s scream and
sing the chorus


26 thoughts on “Scream and Sing the Chorus Again

    • Hey, Wanderer, thank you so much for your comment. The throw words around like paper bullets part made me smile. That’s such a good description, and lovely in itself. Please wander by Pull of the Sun more often.


  1. This piece is felt, rather than simply read. The scratch of skin on concrete, the warm trickle of blood, the cold trickle of sweat. The screaming of the chorus. Just brilliant. Somehow you’ve managed to create a tactile poem.


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