Her Painfully Awkward Backward Smile


Entwine the ribbons,
lace them loosely

If leaves fell slowly

to attach themselves
to live again,

the points and beats
she hid stuffed

like bullets in the back

would cascade axe
and sledgehammer

with drink,

with smile reflector,

with bothersome empty words,

and dumbshow deeds

She was sad from birth


31 thoughts on “Her Painfully Awkward Backward Smile

  1. I like the idea of leaves falling upward but it’s probably a good thing they don’t. They’d probably take us with them and we’d be trapped in the trees forever unable to move.


  2. This one Shawn, is why I have to click only three or four stars for some of yr work even though u consistently produce stuff we know ought to be hardbound for sale in whatever bookstores are left. This one needs the headroom, more than 5 Drive-by shooting stars, that might communicate the tragedy of what it takes to make something like this.

    With sledgehammer happiness,

    The Lying Lion


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