Bird’s Eye to Landscape

(Photo credit: K. Shawn Edgar)

From mountain,
high places,
you are a repetition;
an easily recognizable pattern,
of farms and city blocks.

swimming pools.

once submerged
you are wheat shafts, and
you are creameries.
You are stick-built houses, and
you are back ally

Down here,
nice ‘n low,
it’s all tumbled
paper coffee cups,

oil spots, and
transmission sounds.

Up close pattern
recognizable to
local eyes who localize
the details.


8 thoughts on “Bird’s Eye to Landscape

  1. makes me think of what’s happening in Japan and how we see the satellite images of Sendai before and after. what must it be like for those who live(d) there? Thanks so much for the blog award. may take a bit but I’ll work on the details.


  2. Ooo Oooo Oooo
    I so want to add this one! may I?
    if yes send a pic and short Bio with it to my email!
    which didn’t end up in my spam, hehe 🙂

    Your so awesome,

    Ps. nice board.


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