Screaming TV Rainbow

In the U.S.
Cars are BIG
But hungry shoppers are BIGGER

Parking lot sprawl,
Slick with night’s indifferent
Raindrop viscera
Its oil-coated puddle sheen reflecting store signage:

If TVs can produce rainbows,
Can raindrops reflect a better way,

Mediocrity sucks,
Like vampires dozing in our veins,
Sipping languidly
Slow soma sweetness

Cars food music,
All industry oozing
The good-intended
And the bad
Right? It’s self-perpetuating
Has to be,
That’s the argument,

Can’t stop producing
Or we can’t buy our food
Can’t maintain a lifestyle

In the future
We’ll have to explore

And deliver!
Our money or our lives!

“They’re running up that road
They’re running up that hill
With no problems”

All products conveyed
For our convenience
Don’t worry about
The coming of zombies,
We’re all ready
Each others needs

It’s raining
The indifferent spank of drops
Hitting car metal,
Is a background narrative,
Telling our B-story,

Excuse me,
I must go in
And buy salami and cheese,
So I can eat
The salami and cheese.


20 thoughts on “Screaming TV Rainbow

  1. …but hungry shoppers are BIGGER…

    and …

    If TVs can produce rainbows,
    Can raindrops reflect a better way,

    Great stuff. You’re on a roll man, gimme some!


    • You the one on a roll; I’m just trying to keep up. Question is, what’s in the briefcase on the other side of that concrete wall? And, does it glow ominously? 🙂


  2. Excellent, that last stanza was very Zen! I am a Shopping zombie sometimes, was in the land of the dead (Target) yesterday. Uhhhhhhhh braiiiiiiiinnnsss! Human society here in USA will take a long time to run from the bright lights, like the one fly who gets away from the eletronic zapper!


    • Oh, you’re right. I hadn’t thought of it as being a Zen statement, more a balance of words and sounds, though maybe that’s the same thing?! Thanks for reading; your comments are always welcome.

      Btw, I was in Target last night. I use their Pharm for my transplant medications. Have to go like once a month, always a humbling and tramatic experience.




  4. It took me 29 minutes to come to the conclusion all I can manage is posting FUCK, and now I apologize, but there’s no getting clean by bathing in dirty water, though dogs will dip in dust. Done. Done.


  5. Greetings:

    Thanks a lot for your contribution to Jingle Poetry Potluck, I am placing your link to our blogroll within two days, hope to see you share your poetry with us tonight…

    Always, your input is valued…
    Happy Sunday!
    Love, xx


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