Skateboard Table

While lounging,
On living room carpet fibre,
Thumb-tapping the yellow empty
I use my skateboard as a table.

My tea mug’s held fast by grip tape:
For Life!
My biscuits, cookies, and scones,
For Life!


3 thoughts on “Skateboard Table

  1. Oh it’s glorious! Immediate grin, immediate bookmark!

    …sometimes…while lounging…

    and then suddenly we’re racing about the apartment, leaping coffee tables, catching the skateboard on the other side, cornering into the kitchen and punching the toaster on the way to the fridge, twirling in place whilst pouring out milk, snatching the toast as it pings through the air….

    stuck on the board like a pro. What exuberance. This is a VERY special piece.


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