September in the Rain

The noise arrives first, vibrating the sliding glass door in its track.

Then the chipped red metal and knobby, grass-covered wheels appear from behind a tree.

The lawnmower man is outside singing September In The Rain above his machine’s thunderings.

He has the gait of purpose and without a moment’s hesitation pushes deliberately around each mud encircled tree, clipping every last blade of grass along the dirty edges.

Atop his smooth dark head, a transparent yellow visor is worn backward and upside-down as if nothing could be less important.

It’s a mere nod to local fashion.

But, possibly, a badge of pride or honor.

With a glance, his gleaming eyes assert as much.

And then he is gone from sight, becoming nothing more than a lingering noise in the distance.


4 thoughts on “September in the Rain

  1. There you are again! Ya, it’s so good, I’ve bookmarked it! By the way, I’m wondering which theme I like best…this one or the other one. This one is more interesting but the poem looks better on the other one! Ah themes, I’m gonna mess around with a few over the weekend.

    Again, excellent poem, one of the best I’ve read this week.


    • Thank you, kolembo! Glad you read it on both blogs. I look forward to your comments, always helpful.

      Yeah, themes can be tricky. Sometimes the fonts aren’t always reader friendly. Yours is real clean and easy to read.


  2. The opening sentence is fantastic here. It’s just the kind of little detail that takes the reader’s mind right to the setting of the poem. Perfect. šŸ™‚


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