Christmas Night Drive Down TV Highway

Everybody is ugly tonight.
Glossy eyes blink out civil unrest:
Discontented. Disoriented. Disqualified.
The communique is broken, and most can’t see around their own afflictions.
A parking lot, framed at four points by grimy yellow-green blinking bulbs, floats in the mucky marbled sky, slipping by the edge of my gaze. And along one stretch of double-wide road there are five open Seven-Elevens, four Plaid Pantries, and two Circle-Ks. All packed with consumers. All lit up by inhumane electric light. These darkling places of communal blessing, are the illegitimate outlets of our boredom and frustration. We share them, but like to think they’re ours alone.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Night Drive Down TV Highway

  1. You need to learn how to engrave in gold or hard rock. This blog will disappear in a year or four, but things like this need to stick around, and gold and rocks don’t rot. If your stuff survives 2,000 years, people will then give it a look.


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