Holiday Never Again

Bars, lies, and pot pies
It’s the holidays again
Mine, yours, and backdoor goodbyes 
Here come the ghost, the turkey, and the saint not thin
‘Cept their Yule logs are rotting 
From last year’s exhusting 
False fest of nothings 
Imploding pumpkins and overgrown stuffings
Your presence will be sorely missed
A $25 invisible tree will mark the spot
No neddles to mark the spot
Our presents won’t mark the spot
Only bad memories, confusion, and debt. 


One thought on “Holiday Never Again

  1. I feel it necessary to comment on everything, as I’m so poor I have no sense but to make this even more depressing. However, there’s nothing worse than a rotting yule log, one I imagine was made out of grade B Beef and cottonwoods, paid for with a 29% APR Chevron Visa. See. You did it better. Happy now?


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