Me Hardy Fools

I ain’t nobody
And I mean that as written
You ain’t nobody neither
No, not even a blip
We be like the non-viewable code
Or spacer image files in the background of any site
Needed, but without acknowledgement
Without due compensation
We are the gear teeth of ye ol’ industrial revolution
Easily worn down and replaced
Seldom remembered outside our own circles
Thus, me hardy fools,
The robber barons, those ugly climbers, have won
And again
And again
I ain’t nobody


10 thoughts on “Me Hardy Fools

  1. So if the plutes let us their teeth be replaced by golems, will their teeth eat them then? Some might say that’s what happened to the Czars, but even Stalin was a mortal man, however magnificent his mustache was. What if he were made of silicon and lived 500 years?


    • True, “they” are us. But the individual people who make up us have vastly different ideas of what comprises success. In the case of the poem, “they” — the robber barons of today — have a perverted vision/understanding of success and how to achieve it.

      Thank you, Jessica, for reading and commenting. I love to talk about this sort of issue. And I hope you won’t ever hold back. Thanks!


    • Jingle, thanks for your supportive nature. Your comments are always helpful. I wrote this poem several months ago, not that I’m over it or anything, but I’m cheery most of the time. Still we most look at, and evaluate, as a group, the lower and upper ends of our monetary/power spectrum. When the balance gets too wonky we must say so. If we can define what’s too little, then we must also define what’s too much, and make sure we maintain a workable ratio between the two.


    • Thank you. Love your blog name by the way — lucyfurleaps. Just read up a bit at The Roebuck Poets. Very nice. I often write at a cafe called Insomnia. It’s good to have a place away from home to hole up and write.


  2. I hear ya, K!!! Yes.. your voice sounde pretty clear to me.. and to them as well, I am sure…
    A very powerful one, my friend! !Nice!!
    Reminded me of Ayn Rand’s The Anthem.. something on those lines …


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