Over the Hedgerow

Rabbit, hedgehog & dewy-eyed beetle, it is time to communicate again
Broken horses, stop churning your hearts into butter
We are pasture fed on things grown in rows and ground in metal vats
Debate this now!
Yearn beyond the shelf and icebox; 
Close them up
Turn them off
For what do you toil?
Not cardboard, never plastic
Look back
Look forward
Flesh on the unpruned branch, the tangled and unruly vine dangling inconveniently;
Flesh galloping on untamed earth under darkened woods,
These will release us.
Strive for them now!
Throw off,
Rear back,
Dig out from under.
Stall is cage
Walls prison
Doors never lead out, only deeper in
Look to our pampered and misused hands
What weapons these?
Not endless tools for the trade of those in power; not digits for profit production
Look to our fingers! 
Wiggle them in air not tempered
Flex and open them to the sun, wind & rain
Curl them into a fist to further our due purchase in their blunt arguement.
The communication of flesh, bone & blood is not office bound, nor industrial garden fed
It is weather torn!

Stand now, animals like me,
Tear the two-dimensional face from that book
It is not thee.

10 thoughts on “Over the Hedgerow

  1. Sure’d be helpful if a beetle swarm would eat a few of the criminals in charge. Once they got started it’d remind them of the manure pile back home. How do we talk them into it?


      • Phillip Kindred Dick – Science Fiction Author who extrapolated his predicament to ours. He was correct, but also suffered from paranoia.

        The author was enamored with the entomology of his own name:

        Phillip – derived from the Greek Philippos (Φίλιππος), meaning “friend of horses”.

        Kindred – Cognate

        Dick – derived from the German for “fat” (he was big boned by the way…

        I suppose that his health, mental and physical, would have been improved by using his body, i.e. his hands, more. We would have gotten more production out of him maybe. Think of the royalties, the possible scripts for Keanue or Sly!

        Many philosophers suppose there is a universal mind which we all share. Heraclitus called it the Logos around 500 BC. David Bohm is the most recent philosopher I am familar with who supported the idea.


        • Logos is similar to the collective conscienceness described by Émile Durkheim, a unifying force. I most admit, I didn’t remember that the “K” in Phillip K Dick stood for Kindred. He was horse like, but probably needed to run around in the sun more.


  2. Why, these words make my knuckles crackle.
    but I am not a horse.

    I can’t stop picturing broken fingers, from skateboarding mishaps, being clenched into fists. and also typing this.


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