Warm Gun Ovation

Published Poem

K. Shawn Edgar | Speak Up | Stand Up | One True Cog | 2019

Made Too Much Of

Heady musk, pillows and blankets, consuming
this bed; our growing distance, spreading out
through the kitchen walls we painted ’70s green.

A green skin, now curling up at the corners, rotting.
Were you scared? Because I made too much—
and the pasta boiled over, whispers of salty steam
still uplifting under the uncleaned oven hood.

Or was it the rough rollers and closet bones?
Could it be… the poisoning? Or our flights to ER?
Or the oral disconnections?
Or your follies with the students in your care?

All the same now, numbly blurred into forgettable
unforgiven fragments I lodge in the chinked walls
of my mind’s basement museum.

K. Shawn Edgar | Nightmare Herdsman | Thin Mint

Vote 2016 Video Flashback

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Duopoly Undone

H. Q. Orange Blue


K. Shawn Edgar | Omni Partisan | One Love

Blunder Jazz

Portrait of a Rabid Filmmaker


The slim man standing at the corner of Tate and Interstate Lane,
his single-lens reflex, with iris diaphragm wide open, sucks in all colors.
The sounds… slim man sucks them up too, stiff arm sweeping the air
with a cardioid microphone wrapped in old hospital gauze;
blunder jazz is born of blood memories. And raw jasper embedded in veins.
Jasper is the slim man when he’s at home, under your skin. In brains.

K. Shawn Edgar | Fun with Fossils | Background Radiation Enabled | Sine Wave

Published Poem in Prism Magazine OSU

In Print

The Etude

The Prism Magazine: “Rise” On Shelves Now

My Poem “Summered Well” on Page Six

K. Shawn Edgar | Retrogression Enabled | Feedback Looped | Oregon State

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House of Microgravity

One larger of momentum
One firmer of mass
Walls more than vapor thin
sheets of waxy pressboard;

We, here, stretch elastic
through Omega Lambda
acceleration. It’s boom,
boom to bloom expressive;

It’s a way of transcribing
our most likely path and pattern
so far now from the boom
projecting out to the bloom;

Our sent-off spacecrafts, auto-
mated and guidable, explore on
fighting the smallest to largest
dangers to throw us back Insights;

This house moves with the rest
out spinning the dove days we
launch our hopes like holidays
escaping by velocity and speculation.

K. Shawn Edgar | Holiday in Space | Craft Adjacent | Wonder Willful | Nov 2018